What is a Prosthodontist ?

As the leading prosthodontist in the Bethlehem PA area, as well as throughout the Lehigh Valley, we want to make sure that our community understands what a prosthodontist does, and how a prosthodontist can help with a whole variety of dental issues.

If you're curious as to how a prosthodontist can help, watch the video below. In the meantime, you can set up an appointment with Bethlehem prosthodontist Dr. Ronald Hersh. 

 In short, a prosthodontist is a dental specialist that mainly focuses on procedures that include crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, and complete and partial dentures. In simpler terms, we at Advanced Prosthodontics aim at optimizing the look and function of your teeth and smile. 

 Advanced Prosthodontics founder, Ronald T. Hersh Jr., DMD, provides several dental and prosthodontics services at our Bethlehem PA prosthodontics office, including:

This is, however, just a portion of our complete array of dental and prosthodontic services, and if you're having a problem with your teeth, your mouth, or many other issues, give Dr. Hersh at our Bethlehem PA dental and prosthodontics office today at (610) 865-4222.

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