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Bethlehem Prosthodontist Dr. Ronald T. Hersh Jr., D.M.D is a specialist in Denture fabrication. With over 20 years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Hersh is committed to fabricating the best possible denture for you. Only the best materials are used to fabricate your denture. Your denture is fabricated using a precise five step process. From start to finish the process takes 4-6 weeks. With an onsite laboratory, many of the steps are completed in-house. The final processing is completed by Rochester Technical Group through the very precise Ivocap Injection Technique. Finally, all necessary adjustments are included, fine tuning your final prosthesis as needed.
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What are the steps of Denture Fabrication?

1. Preliminary Impressions - Used to fabricate a custom impression tray.

2. Secondary Impressions - The seal is placed on the denture and a precise final impression is made.

3. Records - A bite registration is made in three dimensions. The color/shape of the teeth is chosen.

4. Wax Try In - The patient approves the final esthetics and the bite is verified.

5. Delivery - The denture is delivered, and adjustments are made to fine tune the prosthesis.

What to expect from your new dentures.

Get Dentures in Bethlehem PA With Advanced ProsthodonticsFollowing delivery, it is normal to develop minor "sore spots". It is important to continue to wear the denture, this allows Dr. Hersh to see and make adjustments where necessary. The average number of adjustment appointments is three, usually the dentures are very comfortable following the third adjustment appointment. All adjustments that may be necessary are included in the fee for the first six months.

Your speech may be affected for the first 24-28 hours. This normally self corrects as your body accepts the new prosthesis. Practicing speech slowly in front of a mirror may accelerate this process.

Eating may be slow at first, especially for new denture wearers. Eating with dentures is an acquired skill. Each person is different, a positive attitude helps. With time, most of our patients have no restrictions on what they can eat. It helps that you are going to have the best possible denture to work with.

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